Aidan Kowalski

The New Kid in Town

Aidan Kowalski
Basic Information

Name: Aidan Kowalski
Aliases: Godiva; Airbender.
Classification: White Hat
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Associations: Tentative alliance with the Scooby Gang. Used to know David Edison.
Known Family: Michelle Kowalski (Mother), Patrick Kowalski (Father)

Character Description

Aidan is a tall and mildly athletic teenager, standing several inches over six feet. His jet black hair, which reaches down to the tops of his shoulders, is razor cut and swept down over his eyes, usually only leaving one eye with an unobstructed view. Though hard to see at times through the mop of hair, his eyes are a dull blue-grey, ringed by guy-liner. Completing the Emo Kid look are two symmetrical snake bites, and a Monroe on his left side.

While the style of clothing he wears can be anything from T-shirts and jeans to slacks and a pressed shirt with vest, there is one similarity in all of Aidan’s clothing. A distinct lack of vibrant colors. Looking at times like a black and white movie (just with lightly tanned skin), when he HAS to wear an actual color he prefers red, and occasionally dark purples.

Despite the perception based on his attire that he is a depressed and lonely person, Aidan is actually rather quite full of life. He has a rather passive, but noticeable, disrespect for most authority figures, especially teachers.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Brainiac: Despite his lack of respect for teachers, the fact that he is almost always carrying some type of book or talking about something he read gives off the distinct feeling that he is a Nerd. No need to Google a question when he’s around, he will let you know what the answer is. Possibly even during a test.

The Last Airbender: The group knows he is an Avatar of some variety, but not the details yet.

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff…: Aidan seems to be able to summon up winds of varying strengths by breathing and exhaling. The downside seems to be that also includes gasps of fright. While he seems to have some sort of Breath Attack, it does appear to be at least somewhat Uncontrollable.

Shiny New Things: You know that kid who always has the new phone? Or the new laptop? Or the new car Mommy and Daddy bought him for getting his license? That’s Aidan. While he doesn’t actively broadcast the fact he has Resources, he does. And a lot of them. However, he is more than willing to share. After all, it’s just money, right?

Something In Those Eyes: While hard to see beneath the hedgehog on his head, Aidan has a moderate level of Attractiveness. It is possible he might be even more appealing, but that would require someone take a buzzsaw to the spiky forest on his head.


Theme Songs:

Fade – Theatre of Tragedy
The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance
Days Go By – Lifehouse
Remember Me – Birthday Massacre


  • “That’s your Watcher? They must have lowered the entry requirements for the position. …like, a lot.”


    New Kid in Town.

    Dropped in on a bonfire at Oceanside Harbor in the nude.
  • aidan2.JPG

    Date of Birth: 3/10/1997
    Awakening: Unknown
    Hometown: Oceanside, CA
    Apparent Age: 17
    Height: 6’4"
    Build: Swimmer
    Eye Color: Blue-Grey
    Hair Color: Jet Black
    Attractiveness: 3

    Sight: Lanky Emo Nerd.
    Sound: Deep, slow breather.
    Taste: Salty and earthen.
    Smell: Smoky Vanilla and Sage.
    Touch: Smooth, unblemished skin.

    it’s safe to say

    i’m lonely now

    a place called home

    is just a memory away

    i know i’ve done this all before

    a thousand silent voices

    begging me to stay

    apologies all left unsaid

    secrets better left unspoken

    dreams are slowly put to bed

    rumors stirred and reawoken

    if i try to get away

    how long until i’m free?

    and if i don’t come back here

    will you remember me?


    Aidan Kowalski

    Slayer: House of Borden Speedstarx